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JOYTOY Launches Dark Source Jianghu Series Immersing Fans in a Unique Fusion of Eastern Culture and Steam-Powered Machinery
By JOYTOY July 17th, 2023
                          In August 2022, JOYTOY released a short story as part of their intellectual property, the "Dark Source Jianghu" series. The story portrays the aftermath of a war in the old world several hundred years ago, where the land was divided into four countries and ancient governance systems were restored. This world is a fusion of ancient Eastern culture and steam-powered machinery.   
        Additionally, JOYTOY released a line of model toys and other related products in the "Dark Source Jianghu" series, allowing readers and fans to delve deeper into and experience this world. The model toys are exquisitely detailed, including various characters, weapons, equipment, and scenes from the series, allowing players to recreate this unique world in their own way. The release of these toys has provided fans with more options for collecting and displaying, deepening their love and identification with this world. The launch of this series of short stories and model toys has also allowed more people to learn about and recognize the JOYTOY brand, expanding its audience.